Section 1 - Getting Started

It takes many people to get a successful deployment that meets your needs, covers all your business processes and ultimately gets deployed to your users. For this, you will need a team to support your efforts. Both the OPS-COM team and your organization must bring critical players to the table to ensure success.  

Team Accountability

Responsibilities of the OPS-COM Team During Rollout

Overall Project Manager

You will be assigned a Project Manager from the OPS-COM team once a signed contract is returned.  The Project Manager's job is to manage the technical deployment of the OPS-COM solution, coordinate the training and setup, and ensure all custom pieces are developed according to the agreed upon client scope. 

Setup and Configuration Specialist

You will also be assigned a Setup and Configuration Specialist. Their job will be to gather information on your current business processes and advise on how to transition them to OPS-COM. They will also advise you on the best practices of system setup and help you understand what other clients have done to resolve any issues that came up during deployment. You will be given a document with a series of questions about your business. This must be filled out before we proceed with the setup and configuration. 

An example of this document can be found here -

Trainer and Support Liaison 

If included with your install, a Trainer will be responsible for explaining how the system works, answering your questions and introducing you to the support process and procedures that you will need after Go Live. Some support levels only have access to the wiki or the training resources.

Client Responsibilities During Rollout

Every new client must have a Project Manager that works for your organization. This person must understand your business processes and be familiar with your implementation goals. This is often the Parking Manager. This person will assemble the rest of the team that should consist of the following contacts:  

If you cannot provide a project manager one will be provided by the OPS-COM team for a fee. The project managers will work together to come up with a plan that covers all aspects of OPS-COM deployment outlined below. Your Project Manager must have time to devote to the Rollout and must complete the Rollout documentation (homework (smile)) before training and setup sessions are booked.

Setup of Customer Account & Billing

After sign off of the contract, you will be set up in our billing system and you will receive a client welcome email with your account details.  
We will need the following information from you:

Communication of Security Information

The IT organization for our clients often have questions about how we handle your data, secure our system and ensure the safety of your data. Please feel free to share the OPS-COM Security White Paper with anyone who requires it.

Utilizing OPS-COM Support

You will be directed to email many things directly to over the course of your roll out. You can also launch a support ticket from inside the software at any time if you need help or have questions. 


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