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Rollout Project Schedule

Phase 1 (estimate: 2 weeks)

After receiving the contract signoff, the first step in the project is to confirm the requirements and begin a more in-depth gathering of information from the client.  Your Account Executive will schedule a conference call for discovery.

You may choose to invite other relevant staff from your organization to the table to discuss expectations and clarify requirements. 

An overview of tasks to ensure a successful smooth deployment is included. Some areas that will be covered immediately are as follows:

  • Assembling our team
  • Responsibilities of the OPS-COM team during Rollout
  • Your responsibilities during the rollout
  • Introduction to OPS-COM support
  • Overview of your business processes

Your preview and production systems will be created and given to you at this time. You will find it useful to start using your preview system immediately.

You can practice and make changes to this system without being concerned about impacting your customer-facing system. The Preview site can be reset to defaults many times and nothing you do there will be permanent. It is a great place to experience and learn the system. 

Billing occurs at this stage usually for both sign-off and the Preview Go Live Milestones.

Phase 2 (estimate: 2 weeks)

After the initial preparation and research are completed, we will move to Phase 2 and begin assembling the standard components of your installation including the technical and financial requirements, and implementing the hosted payment solution.

The New Client Orientation and Rollout wiki will continue to guide you through all tasks in this phase along with your Trainer and Account Executive. Other areas of coverage include:

  • Admin and Client Domains 
  • Determining Access to OPS-COM
  • Determining your Roles and Permissions
  • Creating Administrator Accounts 

Phase 3 (estimate: 3-4 weeks)

Phase 3 is the stage where we focus on the client-specific content of the installation. This is where any custom development work is completed, or data imports are managed. This is also the time when we would look at integrations with any external data supplier such as the new Mobile Parking App Solution or to integrate your Meters into the violations database for real-time enforcement.

You will also be introduced to the self-guided training agenda so that you can start playing with your preview system and understanding how things work. 

Your Account Executive and/or your Trainer will be working with you and your team to set up:

  • All configuration and admin options
  • Lots and Permit options
  • Violation Options
  • System messaging for the User Portal
  • User Portal Template and Design
  • Your Email Templates
  • Order your violations stock

Phase 4 (estimate: 2-3 weeks)

Phase 4 is the final testing phase of the project where staff on both sides work through the various functionalities of the installation to both learn the specific operations and identify any potential bugs or client process misses before Go Live. 

This is also when your Training representative will be working with you to ensure you are understanding the system and how to use it. Sessions with you and your team will be set up at a time that is convenient with you to work through live training sessions about the various modules in the system. 

Phase 5 (estimate: 1 day)

Phase 5 is the final step of the project when all the tasks have been completed, custom requirements fulfilled, and the Live site is launched for public use.

Final Go Live milestone billing is completed and your recurring revenues are also billed.