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Phase 1 - Learning the Basics

Admin and Client Domains 

There are two aspects of the OPS-COM system; the Admin Portal and the User Portal. After setup, you will be able to access your OperationsCommander Admin console at and your clients can access OPS-COM at

You will need to reference the URL for the User Portal on any communications you have with your clients. This site can be branded as yours with your company logo and colors. The design of the system is up to you and the expertise of your staff. 

Please note, www. should not be communicated as part of the domain name.

Determining Access to OPS-COM

There are two components to this process, you must determine your roles and permissions and then you must add Administrators and assign Roles to them.

Determining your Roles and Permissions

OPS-COM allows System Owners and Administrators the ability to set up roles that will restrict access to information and features in OPS-COM. Roles are a group of permissions that are bundled and assigned to a set of users. For example, you may wish to create a role for Patrol Officer. You will set the permissions for this role and assign users the role of Patrol Officer when you would like to grant them permissions that match that job. Users can be assigned multiple roles.

For a quick overview videoCLICK HERE.  Refer to this wiki article for more information.

Creating Administrator Accounts

When the system is set up for the first time there will only be one Administrator. The OPS-COM team will have set it up and provided the login details to you. To get your other users in the system you will need to follow the steps in this wiki article.
For a quick overview video, CLICK HERE

Setting up a Landing Page for your Administrators

When you sign in to OPS-COM initially, you are presented with a landing page. This message is referred to as the Admin Dashboard. This landing page can be modified or edited to allow organizations to display important information to System Administrators and staff.

Initially, it is a good place to direct your Admins to the training and support information as you navigate the system. Refer to this wiki article for information about configuring this page. Here are some ideas for what to put on this page once you go live:

  • Pricing Information
  • Contact Information
  • Scheduling Information
  • Organizational Information
  • Legal Notices
  • General Information

OPS-COM Wiki and Training

The OperationsCommander parking and security wiki is a growing wealth of information about using our software and how to apply best practices in a busy security office.

Before you schedule training, it would be very helpful to review the wiki. To assist with your transition to an improved operational model or to see how parking management can be made easy, we have organized this wiki into Training Modules that users can go through at their own pace. The Training Agenda is available here