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Module 1 - OPS-COM System Setup

There are several items on the New Client Orientation and Rollout tasks checklist that you should read through before proceeding. Please review sections 1 - 3.

It is important that you set up your final configurations on your production system. The preview system is for testing and the information created here is temporary.

System Config

Roles and Permissions

OPS-COM allows System Owners and Administrators the ability to set up roles that will restrict access to information and features in OPS-COM. Roles are a group of permissions that are bundled and assigned to a set of users. For example, you may wish to create a role for Patrol Officer. You will set the permissions for this role and assign users the role of Patrol Officer when you would like to grant them permissions that match that job. Users can be assigned multiple roles. 

Creating Administrator Accounts

When the system is set up for the first time there will only be one Administrator. The OPS-COM team will have set it up and provided the login details to you. To manage your Admin Accounts please see Managing Admin User Accounts.

Setting Up UserTypes

Your Account Executive will help you determine what user types may be useful for you to set up and what the rules appropriate to those users may be. For example, you may want to allow Full-Time Students to park in different lots than Part-Time students. User Types will lay the groundwork for you to do this.  

You will also need to decide what information you will require when a new user creates a profile on your system. 

Setting up the Admin Options

Many of the Admin Options control your picklists for different options. 

Setting up ViolationAdmin Options 

If you have purchased ViolationAdmin then you will need to set up your Ticket Types. Ticket Types are used to distinguish what type of Violation/ticket is being issued. You will also need to set up your Offence Types. Fine amounts are set and the discount for each offence is administered here.

System Settings Customization.

Email Template Setup

Email Templates that are created for communications with your clients are stored in this area in OPS-COM. Currently, you can edit the look and feel. In the future, you will be able to set up your own email templates. 

Invoicing Template Setup

OPS-COM will allow you to prepare/send invoices for permit purchases. The Invoicing feature is used to simplify the monthly billing/invoicing process for bulk payment of permit purchases. 

Setting up the Communication/Landing Page for Admins

When initially logging onto OperationsCommander as an administrator, the first landing page you are presented with has a message window that can be edited to suit your specific needs. General information can be placed here. Many OPS-COM users place schedule information on this landing page as well.