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Registering a New User

for Administrators (Staff) User Management

Manual User Registration  Hover over User Management and click User Registration. The User Short Registration Form displays. The initial standard information screen appears. Choose your user type and fill in the username and user info. The User Full Re...

User Search

for Administrators (Staff) User Management

User Search Functionality Hover over User Management and click User Search. The User Search screen displays. Enter your search criteria and click Search. The search findings table will be returned below the criteria box. 

Unlink User and Vehicle

for Administrators (Staff) User Management

Unlink a User and Vehicle To remove a vehicle from a user profile, follow the steps outlined below. Perform a User Search to pull up the User's Profile that you wish to remove a vehicle from.  Select the profile of the desired user from your user search, an...

Locate Application Version

for Enforcement (Android)

If in doubt you can search for the OPS-COM application in the Google Play Store and when viewing the details of the application you will see the button that is typically labeled "Install" will instead show "Update".  This indicates that the handheld is runni...

Registering as a New User

for Users (Clients)

All of your customers must register as a new user before using the OPS-COM User Portal. This will allow users to purchase parking permits, lockers, and pay/appeal violations. Initially, when signing up, the amount of fields users have to complete to get into...

Phase 1 - Learning the Basics

Standard Rollout

Admin and Client Domains  There are two aspects of the OPS-COM system; the Admin Portal and the User Portal. After setup, you will be able to access your OperationsCommander Admin console at and your clients can access OPS-COM at ...

Phase 2 - Hosted Payment Setup

Standard Rollout

Standard Hosted Payment Setup Hosted Payments is the recommended way to handle most of your payments in the OPS-COM system. With Hosted Payments, the payment processor directly handles the payment method details and provides the result to the client's service...

Phase 3 - Config and Admin Options

Standard Rollout

User Setup You must consider which user types may be useful for you to set up and what the rules appropriate to those users may be. For example, you may want to allow Staff to park in different lots than Visitors. User Types will lay the groundwork for you to...

Phase 4 - Learning to Use OperationsCommander

Standard Rollout

Now that you have OPS-COM setup you can learn how to use it!  The self-guided training is divided into modules to help break it down.  You can view all modules of the training agenda here. Paid training is available for clients who wish a more in-depth view...

Module 1 - OPS-COM System Setup

Training Agenda

There are several items on the New Client Orientation and Rollout tasks checklist that you should read through before proceeding. Please review sections 1 - 3. It is important that you set up your final configurations on your production system. The preview sy...

Rollout Project Schedule

Premium Rollout

Phase 1 (estimate: 2 weeks) After receiving the contract signoff, the first step in the project is to confirm the requirements and begin a more in-depth gathering of information from the client.  Your Account Executive will schedule a conference call for disc...

Section 1 - Getting Started

Premium Rollout

It takes many people to get a successful deployment that meets your needs, covers all your business processes and ultimately gets deployed to your users. For this, you will need a team to support your efforts. Both the OPS-COM team and your organization must b...

Section 2 - Learning the Basics

Premium Rollout

Preview and Production Spaces Production spaces are generally available to you within 1 week of contract sign-off.  Your OPS-COM domain will be agreed upon during setup. An example of this domain may be  Please note, www. is not requ...

Section 3 - Hosted Payment and Gateway Setup

Premium Rollout

Hosted Payment Setup With Hosted Payments, the payment processor directly handles the payment method details and provides the result to the client's service implementation. This provides you an additional layer of security because at no time is the credit car...

Module 2 - User Management

Training Agenda

Users and their profile information form the backbone of the OPS-COM software. They link all modules together and allow you to have a complete history of everything about that user and associated vehicle. You can Add, Edit and Search for Users. You can also b...