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Extended User Profile Options

Under the Admin Options, hover over Incidents, then click on Ext. Profile Options.


You will be redirected to the User Extended Values Administration page. 


Notice the various types you can choose form to narrow your description.


This is where you can add and update Extended Values. 

To add an extended value: 

Scroll to the bottom of the values list to the blank textbox line.

Select value type from the drop-down menu. Type the value description in the textbox provided.

Click Insert New to add and save user value.


Note: A Value Type is a category you select to distinguish what your value description will be about. Example: If your value type is Hair Type, then your value description would be what the users' hair is like. 

Value Description can include a range of physical features/identifiers of a user. Some examples could include; the location of a tattoo on a users' body, the colour of clothing they're wearing, or the style of hair they have.
Value descriptions allow officers to save unique identifiers of a user involved in an incident. 

Editing an Extended Value

Click on Update to edit the value. 


Adjust the category, and name by selecting the textbox and making the desired changes. In this case we are changing Bald to Balding.


When you are finished updating, click Save Changes to save and continue.