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Ethnic Types

Navigation to Ethnicity Administration

To get to Ethnicity Administration click Admin OptionsIncidents, followed by Ethnicity.


The Ethnicity Administration page will be displayed. This page will list all Ethnicity labels currently used in OPS-COM.

Managing Ethnic Types

Adding Types 

To add a new ethnicity, click Add Ethnic Type. A modal window will display allowing you to add your type. When you are finished adding your type click Save Changes.



Editing Types

To edit/update an Ethnicity, click the Edit button next to the ethnicity you want to update. This will display a similar modal window as seen when adding an ethnic type and allow you to make your changes. When you are finished updating your type click Save Changes.

When you make changes to records that are already used in the system then you will be changing this for all records in the system using that ethnic type. 


Delete Types

To delete an ethnic type, click the Delete button next to the type you wish to remove.  Keep in mind that if ethnic types are in use then they cannot be deleted.