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Permit States

Managing Permit States

Click Admin OptionsParking followed by Manage Permit States.


The Manage Permit States page displays with all of the available choices. 


Adding Permit States

To add a new permit state click Add Permit State and complete the required field followed by Save Changes


Editing Permit States

To edit permit states click the Edit button next to the permit state you wish to make updates to. This will open a new modal window allowing you to change the existing name of that item. 


Deleting Permit States

To delete permit states simply click the Delete button next to the permit state you wish to remove from the list. A modal window will appear asking you if you are sure you wish to delete this permit state. 


In order to delete a permit state it must not be used in the system. Admins will first need to make sure that no permits are using this permit state before it can be removed. This is to prevent permits from having blank information by deleting these permit states while they're in use.