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Bambora Checkout

Order Setting Configuration

Please use the following screenshot for reference to the [Steps] listed below.


*Important* These updates should only be made to a Bambora gateway that is NOT currently in production/live use. If you have a current Bambora gateway that is being used by another system for payments, you may need to contact Bambora to have them setup another new gateway/merchant account for use with OperationsCommander (OPS-COM) hosted payments.

The requirements for a Bambora gateway to work with OperationsCommander (OPS-COM) are as follows:

[Step 1] - Login to your Bambora account and navigate to the order settings page .

[Step 2] - Merchant ID: Please send us this value.

[Step 3] - Select: Allow any domain name in the approval/decline redirect parameters

[Step 4] - Approval Redirect: We will supply you with the URL to paste here.

[Step 5] - Require Hash Validation on all Payment Gateway Transaction Requests: Select this button.

[Step 6] - Hash Algorithm: Select SHA-1.

[Step 7] - Hash Key: Send us this hash tag value.

[Step 8] - Select: CVD Mismatch, AVS Street Mismatch and AVS Postal/Zip Code Mismatch conditions