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Technical Schematic - Step #1

Setting Up 

  1. Send an email to the offenders primary driver that they have a new violation. Generally you would issue the ticket on the same day as the violation.
  2. Set a flag in preparation for collections. (If the violation is older than AutoNoticeDays)
    1. If the violations connected user is primary driver and has an email address 
      1. send an email and flag appropriately (AutoNotice = 1)
      2. set Violation.AutoNotice to 1
    2. If the violations attached to the user are for the primary driver and they have no email
      1. set flag to be added to the Letter Report (2)
      2. set Violation.AutoNotice to 2
  3. 30 days after items are tagged with either 1 or 2 Violation.AutoNotice and that have an associated Violation Notice will appear on the "send to collections" report
    1. that report allows the administrator to select who/which items will be sent to collections