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People Alarms

Setting up Alarm Permissions 

Before admins can use alarms in the system they will need to have the proper dispatch permissions added to their administrative role. 


Select the permissions you wish to add to the role and click Save Permissions at the bottom when you are finished. 

Adding People Alarms to Users

You can add people alarms to users profile by first clicking the Edit button next to their Basic Profile Information 


This will take you to the Edit User Profile window where you should see the option to toggle the People Alarm. If the profile does not have alarms toggles or an alarm comment associated to their profile when an alarm is triggered for the specific student/staff number the system will still be alerted.

Once you toggle this option you will have the ability to add your alarm comment. Just keep in mind you won't be able to add the comment until you do this. Keep in mind License Plate Alarm and Plate Alarm will both share this message. 


Viewing People Alarms

You can view the alarms and dispatch logs from the top right panel on the admin side. All of the alarms associated to a profile or plate are rolled up into a single dispatch log if the alarm is sent within 30 minutes from the first. Otherwise it will start a new dispatch record. This is to stop a large number of alarms from flooding into the system. 


Keep in mind that if the API call for the person alarm is triggered with an unknown student/staff account number it will be moved to the generic alarms which is the bell icon next to the people and plate alarms section. It will continue to be rolled up in the same dispatch log within 30 minutes of the first alarm. 

Clearing Alarms 

We can clear the alarm from flashing if we no longer need to be notified on a specific admin. This will only remove the alert from the admin that cleared it and will keep it for other admins until they choose to clear it for themselves. When you clear the alarm it can still be viewed from the Dispatch Log Report