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User - Vehicles Tab

Adding a Vehicle

1. To add a new vehicle for a user, Click the 'Add New Vehicle' button at the bottom of the page.

The 'Add New Vehicle Information' screen pops up . Fill in all of the details for the new vehicle and click the 'Add New Vehicle' button to save the changes.

The 'Vehicle Information' screen is displayed again.


2. There are a number of links in the Vehicle tab that will provide administrators with additional information. 


If the Plate link is selected the 'Vehicle Information' window will pop-up to allow you to update vehicle information. If you make changes in here, ensure that you click the 'Update Vehicle' button to save the changes.

The Username link takes you to the main profile screen for that user where you can view/edit user profile details.  

The Removal link allows administrators to permanently remove a vehicle. A pop-up message will ask you to confirm the removal. 

Edit a Vehicle

  1. Click the Plate to launch the Vehicle Information window. Make your changes and click 'Update Vehicle'

Activate/Deactivate a Vehicle

  1. Click the Active or Inactive link under Status. 

Removing a Vehicle

When would we use this?

A vehicle can not be completely removed from OPS-COM, however, it can be removed from a person's user profile. You may want to remove a vehicle if:

  • The Vehicle changes owners
  • A Vehicle was placed on the wrong user profile 

If the vehicle had only one user it will be marked as archived.  If the vehicle has two users, the vehicle will be removed from the profile you perform the removal on but remains under the second profile. Any violations on the vehicle would remain in place under that second user's profile.

Important - Before removing a vehicle

If there is only one driver listed on the vehicle it is important to ensure any outstanding balances are cleared before removing the vehicle.

  1. In the vehicle listing in the user's profile you will see an "x" in the vehicle record. 
  2. Clicking the x to start the process.

3.  You will be prompted to confirm the removal. Once you click OK the vehicle will be removed.  The vehicle will remain in the system but not be associated with a user.